Trio of Salsa
Salsa’s of the day w/ corn chips

Oysters pacific natural
$5 each

Oyster pacific with green salsa
$6 each

Guacamole and corn chips

Cheese & mushroom Empanada with Pico de Gallo and chipotle aioli

Barramundi ceviche, lime, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, tomato, avocado pure, watermelon radish w/ corn ships

Vegan ceviche segmented fruit, avocado, cucumber, cilantro, citrus broth, watermelon radish, tajin and corn chips



Charred mixed capsicum w/ vegan cheese

Chicken w/ charred mixed capsicum & cheese



(comes in two)

Pulled lamb marinated in Mexican flavours, lime & orange sour cream

Roasted Beef brisket with spring onion & pickled peppers

Battered barramundi w/ Pico di Gallo & chipotle mayo

King brown mushroom, Pico di Gallo, charred mixed capsicum & cilantro

Free range Chicken w/ charred mixed capsicum chipotle mayo


1.5 kg slow cooked lamb shoulder marinated in Mexican spice mixed spring onion served w/ lime and orange sour cream & soft taco shell

1kg roasted beef brisket w/ Mexican beef reduction sauce, spring onion, lime & soft taco shell

Barramundi wrapped in banana leaf over roasted w/ Zarandeado marination & Pico di Gallo w/ soft taco shell

Cheesy whole cauliflower in al Pasto marination, spring onion, cilantro, mozzarella or vegan cheese & quinoa  



Charred corn:
Butter, chipotle mayo, pecorino, lime, tajin

Shoestring fires w/ aioli

Mixed leaf & corn Pico di Gallo salad w/ tajin & lemon lime dressing

Braised green beans w/ tajin and roasted almonds


Churros w/ dulce de leche

Mexican Cactus Garden
Chocolate mousse, lime mascarpone, chocolate soil, raspberry puree & spicy chocolate cactus